About Us

Our Story

Grow Pro Genetics LLC was formed by a group of seed growers and investors passionate about soft red winter wheat. The legacy of the program began in 1914 when the Coker Pedigreed Seed Company was incorporated in Hartzville, SC. The breeding program stems from two companies that merged in the early 2000s (Coker and AgriPro). In cooperation with Syngenta the business and breeding program was acquired in 2020.


Management of the business is coordinated by three key employees and job functions:

Ken Davis – Commercial Director

Eli Gravert – Station Manager

Allen Becker – Research Director

Seasonal research staff, consultants and service providers are also important contributors to the success of Grow Pro Genetics.


Grow Pro Genetics is a developer of soft red winter wheat genetics. Traditional plant breeding combined with advanced seed technology enable our business to provide a critical input to wheat farmers.  The marketplace for soft red winter wheat has seen significant changes over the last 20 years. Evolving with these changes, Grow Pro Genetics has embraced the opportunity to help increase wheat productivity responsibly.

Grow Pro Genetics creates soft red winter wheat varieties specifically for the eastern US growing region.  This area includes 22 states, with the primary acreage located in the Midwest.


The central business office for Grow Pro Genetics is in Bourbonnais, IL. Administrative and commercial communication is delivered from this site.

The primary research and development activities take place in Hamel, IL. This research station houses the plant breeding activity including varietal selection, processing, packaging, and inventory of wheat genetics. Our products flow out of the R&D pipeline into two key routes to market: AgriPro branded business and private label licensing. Each channel provides products with unique features, advantages and benefits to farmers.



Grow Pro Genetics is a seed research organization focused on delivering added value to its agricultural customers. Through the advancement of high performing seed genetics, our mission is to supply sustainable products to producers, retailers and farmers.


Our Vision for Farming and Genetics

The outlook for agriculture and biotechnology will continue to guide Grow Pro Genetics into the next generation of farming. Diligent R&D efforts will allow Grow Pro Genetics to identify solutions to the challenges facing a growing world population. Innovation specifically directed at these demands will help secure the future of agricultural resources.


Committed to Growing Sustainable Solutions

A rich tradition combined with a future-oriented approach is the foundation of our program’s success. We will always strive to use the fundamental values below to guide the decision-making process throughout our organization.

The core values of Grow Pro Genetics include:

  • Awareness – Maintaining an appreciation for local, regional and national agricultural conditions.
  • Research Emphasis – Focus on science that drives discovery.
  • Service – Willingness to serve our customers and communities.